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New Board Valve Operation

Posted by Nick Koki on

New boards are shipped after the air has been removed from the board.  That means the top and bottom layers of material that make up board top and bottom are close together with no air between them.  This is standard and a practice you should follow when finished using your board and putting it away for storage or for transport.

We always recommend that you leave the valve in the upper or locked position at all times.  The only exception to that rule is when you want to deflate the board and do so by locking the valve open.  This passively allows all the air to leave the board quickly.  After all the air is out, you should always return the valve stem to the upper or locked position.

We only mention this as some customers begin learning about their boards when they are unpacked and find it difficult to depress the valve stem.  That is because the board is fully deflated and there is no room in the board to depress the valve stem and lock the board valve open.  All you need to do is push the valve stem down and hold it as air enters the board.  Soon there will be enough air in the board especially near the valve so that you can open and lock the board in the open position.