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Paddle Boarding Safety Tips

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As will all water sports, paddle boarding is best enjoyed safely. In recognition of National Safe Boating Week, here are some tips to help you be safe on the water.

life jackets

Only go out in good weather

You can only be as safe as the environment that you’re paddling into. Before your take your paddle board on the water, check out the weather.

Always wear your life jacket

Wearing a life jacket may sound like a no-brainer, but there are still too many avoidable deaths each year that could have been prevented with the use of a life jacket. Do not put your life at risk. Always wear your life jacket.

Keep a pre-paddling safety checklist

There is no better way to avoid danger than to be well prepared for it. Keep a pre-paddling safety checklist and follow it each time you hit the water. Examples of what to have on your list include the following.

  • notify family and friends where you’ll be stand up paddle boarding and when they should expect your return
  • wear highly visible attire
  • wear a life jacket
  • stay hydrated, pack water, etc.

Be proactively cautious

When you’re stand up paddle boarding, you’re likely the smallest craft on the water. Try paddling closer to shore and away from the path of boats. By avoiding high trafficked boat areas you’ll have to worry less about dodging a boat and you’ll also have smoother waters to paddle on because you’ll avoid the wakes of a boat.

Go as a team

When stand up paddle boarding, bring a friend. Going as a team allows for extra eyes to watch out for dangers, and extra hands to get you back to shore if something happens. Plus, stand up paddle boarding is that much more enjoyable with a friend.