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The Benefits of Yoga on a Paddle Board

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Want to take the health benefits of stand up paddle boading to an extreme? Try SUP yoga! Anyone that has done yoga knows that it is beneficial to your health and relaxing for your mind. Why not incorporate the calming effects of nature into your SUP routine, too?

Improved core strength

The instability of water forces a stand up paddle boarder to use their balance. That instability is maximized when practicing yoga. Practicing yoga on a fiberglass SUP is a sure-fire way to force your body to use its core muscles and to build the body’s core strength.

Improved technique

Practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board will refine your technique. Due to the movement of water, you’ll be forced to fine-tune your technique and balance to avoid a dip in the water.

Improved breathing

Yoga participants enjoy a technique called the Ocean Breath. This technique mimics the cycle of a gentle ocean wave. Get real-life Ocean Breath practice by enjoying the gentle wave patterns of the ocean or lake against your stand up paddle board.

Calm the body and mind

Yoga offers calmness of body, mind and spirit. So does nature. What a powerful combination. Paddle board yoga brings in the elements of water and the cool breeze of the air for a more relaxed and ever-calm session.