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Wakooda Valve Maintenance

Posted by Nick Kokinelis on

The valve on your Wakooda and Wahoo inflatable paddle boards is the most important part of your board.  You use the valves to inflate your board before use, and you use the valves to deflate before storing your board.  Here are a few quick tips on valve maintenance.

1. Always keep the safety protective cover on your valve.  Remove it only to inflate and deflate your boards.

2.  Test your valve by pushing the center post in and rotating it to the right or left.  The post should be easy to push in and easy to turn.

3.  Learn where the lock positions are on the center post when you depress it and turn it 1/4 turn either to the left or right.  

4.  Depressing the center post and turning it 1/4 turn to either the left or right locks the valve in the open position used to deflate your board.  The valve is now locked open and you can feel air easily moving in and out of the board.

5.  Setting the center post in the upper or locked closed position is used for inflation.  This locks the air in the valve and is the position you should always leave you valve.  The upper locked position is what is needed before you attach any inflation pump hose.  The male hose end on the Bravo manual inflation pump locks to the valve and opens it when connected.  You can't see this but that is how it works.

6.  When you remove your inflation hose, the center post should be in the upper locked position locking all the air in your board. 

7.  After every inflation and deflation process, always return the safety protective cover to keep dirt and grit from entering your valve that may cause a malfunction.