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Water Exercises to Build Stamina for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Exercise, in any form, is good for the body. There are some exercises that are meant to build the strength of muscles and bones, and other exercises improve stamina through cardiovascular activities. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass, here are some of our favorite water-based exercises.

water jumping

Walking in water

Walking in water is a fun and easy exercise with surprising benefits. Lifting your extremities against water pressure will help you burn calories for weight loss. Extened participation in the water can also help you build strong leg muscle mass.

Jumping while in water

Talk about a leg muscle building exercise, jumping while in water will put your legs to work. Stand in water that is at least waist deep. Slowly bend down to prepare to jump as you would out of water, then burst up to try and jump out of water. Land in the previous position, catch your balance, and repeat. The resistance of the water will push your legs to their limits.

Trimming your waist

For some extra core strength, try “trimming your waist” with this exercise. Find the edge of a pool and slowly submerge your body, facing away from the pool wall, while holding onto the pool wall from behind. Once your body is submerged to your chest, extend your legs forward. Without separating your feet, move curl your legs towards one side of your body, like a sideways situp or crunch, hold for a few seconds, then full extend your legs back out. Try the same process, but turn your legs to the other side of your body. Repeat this in three sets of ten.

As you can see, the trend is using the added weight of water resistance to your benefit. Any conditioning exercise that you do with water pressure resistance is a healthy and fun alternative to traditional exercising. And for us stand up paddle boarding lovers, water pressure is a sure way to help you develop needed muscle and stamina strength for hours of fun paddle boarding.