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World Oceans Day

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The ocean serves as the heart of many underwater creatures. It offers a habitat to all known species to human. It provides source of food to both men and animals. Aside from that, oceans are also responsible for almost 50% of the oxygen since phytoplankton that produces those lives in the ocean. Ocean also affects the climate and temperature. There are endless list of benefits of oceans but on June 8, we will not just talk about its importance, we will help clean and protect it.


World Oceans Day has been a tradition every June 8. It is where people raise awareness for the ocean. It is the time where people take extra measure of care for the ocean and encourages others to do the same too. Without the ocean, transporting of goods from one continent to another wouldn’t be possible. Whales, fishes, sharks and many other creatures will have no home to turn to. Water sports wouldn’t be enjoyed by many without the ocean because it is the platform for exciting and fun water activities.

“This is our Ocean” the ocean belongs to all the people in the earth, to every child, to all the men or women and to our late ancestors. It is ours to protect and ours to keep clean. We are the stewards of the ocean and God gave it to us. Here are some ways you can do to help clean and preserve the ocean:

1. Encourage your peers and family to join a beach clean-up drive. It is a fun way to help clean the ocean and at the same time, bond with your loved ones.

2. Make posters about Ocean Awareness and post them around your street. They say visuals impact the most in an individual’s mind. When people see posters and slogans, they will always spend time to read it. Make your posters and slogan eye-catching and attractive. But don’t forget, the text is also very important. Make your statements brief yet meaty.

3. Inform the children. At an early age, children must be aware of the condition of our ocean. Educate them with stories about caring for the ocean and encourage them to write poems or songs. Even the little things they do make great difference.

On June 8, let us offer ourselves to the ocean. Invite everyone you know to help clean and preserve our beautiful ocean. Gather your forces and help clean the ocean now! is one with the world in the celebration of the World Ocean’s Day. Check out all their awesome watersports products online today and hit the ocean.