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  • Compare this model to any competitor.  The wings or torque tabs are larger and easier to grip than any competitor and the part moves twice as much air.  Easier and faster to use.
  • Connect any manual or electric pump that connects to a bike or car tire inflator.
  • The redesigned model is exactly the same outside dimension however the inner chamber has been modified to deliver uninhibited air flow.
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Electric Pump Inflation Valve Adapter for iSUP/Kayak/RIB with torque tabs for FAST Inflation with Wakooda, Halkey Roberts H3 and Bravo Inflation Valves

NAK-875F Turbo

Product Description

New and improved inflation valve stem with torque tabs delivers twice the volume of air then the prior model and any other competitor on the market.  We modified the inner chamber to allow unrestricted air to flow right through the part.  Any size pump will push it's mazxmum capacity of air to your iSUP, kayak or RIB.  The only limitation with the volume your pump can produce.

This new part enables fast and easy inflation of your inflatable SUP, inflatable kayak or RIB with a simple and easy connection from a high or low pressure air supply.

The schrader valve or car/bike tire inflation valve connects easily to any compressor or other electric pumps commonly used for fast inflation. The hook locks make a positive lock on the board, kayak or rib valve.   The part includes an extra washer if needed or switch the part washer with your board/kayak/boat valve cap washer for an air tight fit.  It works.


  • Fast High Pressure inflation valve for quick iSUP, kayak or RIB inflation
  • Delivers twice the volume of air compared to any inflation product on the market.
  • Ergonomic torque tabs or wings make it easy to twist on and off most valves on the market
  • Fits all Halkey Roberts H3 and Bravo Inflation Valves and Wakooda Board Valves
  • Use any car or bike tire inflator that connects to a schrader inflation valve
  • Use the included extra washer or switch the part washer with your board/kayak/boat valve cap washer for an air tight fit.  It works.
  • Use this part to save the energy used with manual pumps.  Spend your time and energy on the water.

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