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#1: AMAZON 8/1/2013 Insanely light, impossible to puncture, August 1, 2013

This is my 8th SUP board. I am 5'11, 220lbs and I paddle everyday in Maui (surf and cruise). Bought this board for a roadtrip on the mainland.

Lightest board ever!!!!!!!! easily carry in one hand. When I got the box, it was so light I thought only the pump was in it. Going to give the board to my 65yo mother when I am done because it is light enough for her to carry to the water.

Could not believe the quality. Great material, bag has good zipper. Pump is better than my kite surf pumps.

Tracks surprisingly well. Floated myself and GF easily. (350lbs+)

Does not loose air even in cold water.

Took it down white water rapids and did not puncture even when I hit sharp rocks.

Overall super nice board.

#2: AMAZON 10/7/2013

I received this as a gift and use it on a lake near my house, I've rented various paddleboards in the past and this compares well with those. I was worried that as an inflatable I would sacrifice some stability, but I haven't found that to be the case as long as it's well inflated(I'm 6' and 190lbs). It's also very easy to inflate and transport and appears to be high quality (though I've only used it once so far). It's so easy to transport that I can see myself using it in a number of situations where I wouldn't have previously have wanted to go through the hassle of transporting a rigid board. The main issue on deflation is making sure you have a chance to dry it off properly before putting it back in the bag. I'd also agree with the other reviewer's comment that a foot pump would help with easier inflation, but nonetheless the arm pump works fine. I may also switch out the paddle for a lighter version at some point, but having the paddle collapse in two is obviously helpful for packing. Also the company's customer service is excellent.

#3: AMAZON 6/27/2014

The board and everything that comes with it have worked well and seem to be great quality for the price.

The two main reasons I got a SUP are the ability to easily transport/store it, and the versatility. You can paddle it like a kayak, you can stand up, your kids or pets can jump on with you, you can use it on a river or a lake or an ocean, you can lay down on it and just relax, use it as a diving platform, or maybe even a picnic table if you buy some legs from Ikea.

The main thing I liked about this board versus other brands is the D rings which allow you to attach things like a kayak seat. Other brands, like Tower, seem better at marketing their products, but I like the straightforward practicalness of Wahoo/Wakooda.

#4: AMAZON 9/1/2014

I got this paddle board after trying the sport only once, on a solid board, but what really appealed to me was the collapsability/portability, and I got what was promised. It's a bit heavy at about 35 lbs when deflated and in the handy backpack, so if you are a weakling, don't plan on carrying it far. It's a conversation starter with so many people at my beach side community on Lake Michigan - kids find it easy to try, adults (as with many things) can take a while! But it's fun and I feel like it's extremely sturdy. On a calm day, it's great fun, if there's some chop, you better have great legs, core and balance, and/or be working on the same! I tried my friend's solid board which was smaller and I like this a lot better. I think three people have said they would buy this product based on trying mine. I want a commission! Minor quibble: it really should come with the option of the adapter nozzle for people who want to connect it to a motorized pump. Also I believe if you order directly from the manufacturer's website you can save on shipping.

#5: AMAZON 7/27/2014

Very impressed! Easy setup, maybe 10 min pumping max. Solid extendable paddle, good pump. Very solid at max pressure. I took it out on Monterey bay as a first time SUP paddler, but am a diver, kayaker and overall sports enthusiast. It was a little more wobbly than I thought it would be, but after then taking it to Clear Lake on a flat day it was much more stable and also I realized this may take a little practice to get good! I like that. I'm 165 5,8" and muscular. I got a kayak seat and kayak paddle cheap on Amazon as well as an Emmrod combat pole and I'm ready to slay some rock and Lingcod. Multi purpose toy to be sure. Love all the attachment rings and the bow net. Take down is actually super easy. I had it deflated and in the bag in under a minute once. I can not only fit the SUP in the bag but also my seat, dry bag, and Ninja PDF (worth the $$$ by the way!) and other goodies. Even if this thing sunk the day after the 2 yr warranty expired I'd still call it a good buy! Love everything about this package.

#6: AMAZON 8/16/2013

My family and I were all able to use te new paddle board. Being inflatable really helped as we were able to delate it, fold it up and store in the car during a recent vacation. The board is great. You have to make sure that you inflate it to the recommended pressure. I would have given this a 5 star rating, but the hose on the included hand pump has a hole it it. The first time we went to use it, I can hear it leaking air. The hole is small and we dealt with it, but when you HAVE TO pump the board up to a specific psi, its not helpful to have a leak in the air hose. I'm just under 200 lbs and it supported my just fine.

#7: AMAZON 10/29/2013 Wahoo 11ft inflatable, October 29, 2013

Shipping was fast. Ordered Saturday got it Wednesday. It was easy to inflate, took about 10 minutes. It is very stable, tryed it on a lake in 15 mph winds. Waves had too much chop to standup so I got on my knees to start. Then I put on an inflatable seat and paddled all over this 148 acre lake. My first time on a board, it was great fun and good exercise. Great board for the money.

#8: AMAZON 7/27/2013 We love this SUP!, July 27, 2013

From the carry handle to the tie downs on the board it works really well- We especially like the thickness and the non slick footing on the board

#9: AMAZON 8/12/2013 versitle and high quality, August 12, 2013

Often when traveling to the beach, vehicle space is valuable. So the backpack size is very helpful. I've had 4 trips with it. It does actually only take 5 minutes to pump (and a good workout at the high pressure) and packing/cleaning is much easier than kayaks. The pump and attachment is very high quality as well as the paddle. I weigh ~200lbs and felt very little flex, the thickness and pressure work well even in the surf. Two young girls do great with it. The attachment points worked well for kayak seat. Tried surfing and it worked OK in the1-2' choppy stuff. Very buoyant, so the fastest thing I've paddled. The grip surface is a rash maker and the attachment points can rub the arms, so wetsuit (ect) is needed. To avoid rashes, I just tried to figure out how to paddle board with the waves already standing. It's a long board so have to catch the wave early and get aft to turn. I haven't been able to compare to long board, but it turns and I'll have fun with this. In the end its been fun to have a paddle board, kayak and surf board. It'll be part of any family summer outings with water. Much easier than our 2-person kayak in terms of setup and cleanup.

#10: AMAZON 7/15/2013 Good Board, Great Value, July 15, 2013

I looked at a lot of iSUPs in this price range (inexpensive) and chose this one based on price and weight because I plan to hike it into Idaho's numerous alpine lakes. The Wahoo inflatables touring SUP, weighing in at 21 lbs, was comparable in weight to other more expensive iSUPs made by NRS and other reputable river gear manufacturers. Other products in this price range such as those made by Bali and Sevylor weigh over 30 lbs. I was somewhat skeptical about the purchase based on low price (and free paddle) but decided to go with it anyway.

The board arrived within a week of placing my order and included everything I expected; pump, paddle and patch kit. The board also included a free coozie for your canned beverage. I had the board blown up to 10 psi within seven minutes of pumping and was on my way to Payette lake. I am a totally entry lever paddler but definitely noticed that the board handled the light chop and boat wakes with minimal flexure compared to a 4" NRS board that I had used previously. The board also seemed more stable laterally then the surfboard style rigid SUP I've used, probably because its much thicker. The quality is about what you would expect when you drop $500+ on an inflatable toy; pretty good and nothing noticeably wrong. The included paddle was nicer then I expected; aluminium shaft, plastic blade and an adjustable length carbon fiber top shaft with handle. Its a tad heavier than the all carbon paddles but heck; it was free with the board! I'm sure that more expensive SUPs by major river gear brands might handle better or have other appreciable features if you're super hard-core, but I couldn't tell you the difference. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone looking for a good SUP at a great price. If only the coozie was mounted to the board in some manner...

#11: AMAZON 6/17/2014 Great product, I hate the blow up process, June 17, 2014

I really hate to give this product a 2 star but my experience inflating the board was not what everyone else said. I am 125 lbs. and often do not have a burly man or woman to help blow this product up. I have a travel trailer and am often camping on a lake by myself so was looking for a board that could be deflated after each use. However, I realized after the fact that is NOT the intent of this product. Most people blow it up and keep it blown up and I now understand why -- it is really hard to get to the accurate psi. I did notice in advance of buying it that many (burly men I might add) said they "had to lay on the pump" for the last psi inflation. I now understand for a 250 lb man to "lay on it" would be impossible for me. Here is the deal, inflation device is proprietary meaning I can't use my air compressor or any other device. Also, their air pump pushes air back at you while you are inflating it (thus you have to lay on it to keep the air in). I couldn't get it past 6 psi and had a neighor camper help and he also struggled. It sure wasn't 7 minutes as many people said. In fairness, I am going to contact the manufacturer to see if I am doing something wrong but this was my first impression. I am very very reluctant to let the air out and figured out a way to fit it inside my trailer for transport -- but I really didn't want to do this!!! I don't want to risk scratching up my cabinets as I bounce down the road.

With this all said -- the product truly is amazing. We took it out on Fallen Leaf Lake and everyone loved it. Very sturdy and light enough for me to carry it to the lake by myself (which was my original purpose).

#12: AMAZON 8/21/2013 Good Board for the Money, August 21, 2013

The board seems well built. It was a little unstable while stopped, but was stable while moving. Pump should be a foot pump instead of an arm pump. It takes about 10 minutes to pump up. Also, the gauge on the pump fluctuates widely depending on how hard you are pumping so it's difficult to get an accurate PSI. The board is light, packs easily in the carrying pack. Deflation is simple and quick. The free paddle is a bit heavy, but works well. Transporting the board in a vehicle is great; it fits anywhere. The tie downs and included bungee cord on the front of the boatrd is an added bonus. Overall, it a good beginner board, and light enough to where you could hike it to a wilderness lake (you'd have to carry the pump and it's bag separately. I recommend it.

#13 AMAZON 7/27/2013 Wahoo for Wahoo!!!!, July 27, 2013

I LOVE my Wahoo standup paddle board!! You would not believe how firm it blows up to be. It is manageable for me to carry to and from the shore, both blown up and deflated, and I weigh less than 125lbs. I have used it on the lake and in the river both. However the river does need to be running deep enough the larger fin does not hang up on rocks as easy. The only draw back is, as you are pumping it up, it does get a bit strenguous, but nothing I cannot handle. I had it at the lake with some friends who had the the UN- inflatable boards and this this board compared nicely to them. Also, compared to the cost difference in my board to theirs I was very impressed. Wahoo inflatables as a company is very nice to work with and I am recommending them to all my friends. If looking for a convenient way to have a paddle board and not have to worry about transporting or storing a solid board this is the way to go. Plus it comes with everything you need to get going, carry back pack bag,board,paddle,pump,repair kit.

#14: AMAZON 7/20/2013 A Great Value, July 20, 2013

For our use, floating rivers and spending time on our local lake, we love it. In fact, we bought two and could not be more pleased!! Easy to inflate, easy to transport, et.!!!

#15: AMAZON 7/1/2013 - Extremely happy with this SUP board purchase!, July 1, 2013

My husband and I are thrilled with this purchase. First of all - we received the board in the mail only 4 days after we ordered it from Amazon. When we opened it up we realized there was no paddle as the order said it would include one. After touching base with the company, they were eager to send us one right away and had wonderful customer service. The paddle arrived in about 3 days. We often take the board out on lakes and rivers and find that it is perfect for that. We couldn't be more pleased with this SUP board. We went with the inflatable model due to the fact that it would not fit in our SUV and we wanted to be able to transport it easily. This board is an excellent value for the price and highly recommended.

Reviews for the Wahoo 10'6" Touring Model

Wakooda 10'6" Blue/White We love this SUP! September 18, 2014

It's the best, most convenient SUP! We've used it on a lake and on the SF Bay. Inflates easily, rides well, deflates easily and folds up nicely into it's durable backpack. This is the first sporting/camping item that we've ever owned that actually fits into the pack provided with it, with room for the pump and paddle. I can't wait until next summer for more SUP adventures!

September 12, 2014

I ordered 2 of these paddle boards, so easy for my kids to manage. I did a lot of research and am very satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of these boards compared to the price. I highly recommend this product!!

Wahoo 10'6" Surf Wahoo inflatable stand up paddle board is a great purchase! July 1, 2013

I did a lot of shopping around before purchasing the Wahoo inflatable standup paddleboard. First of all, the price is very good for the quality you get. The boards are amazingly firm when inflated to 10psi. The pumps that are included are very strong and get the boards inflated. It does take time -- going from 0-7 psi just takes a whole lot of pumping, but getting from 7-10 psi takes some arm strength or weight--leaning down on the handle--but each time I succeeded in getting them inflated in 7-10 minutes. Some boards come with a paddle (I think the 11 ft one I am reviewing does), which is a good deal because the paddles are $60 and up for decent ones. Invest in a kayak paddle (two blades) because the paddle boards work great as sit-on kayaks.

I bought two boards, an 11 ft and a 12 ft. Both are strong, tight, and they look very well made. The 12 ft had more hooks for tying things on, and it had some string/netting for holding a few things on the front--handy addition, we found. Both boards have a nice non-slick surface for standing. We sit or kneel and paddle all over the place-no problems.

As for stand-up use, I've had mixed results most likely because of me, not the boards. My daughter is 5'8" and is normally proportioned (i.e., for a girl, her weight in hips and legs makes her center of gravity lower). She stands up on either board, 11 ft or 12 ft, with no problems at all and paddles all over the lake. My son (6'3" and well into the 250+ range) has trouble getting up and staying up on either board, most likely because he is so tall and carries his weight high, belly and chest high. I am 5'8" and well into the 250+ range, weight is belly and chest centered, but I can get up and stay up pretty well on either board, but the 12 ft is a little more stable for my weight group. I strapped some floats (styrofoam tubes) to the sides, and with the adjustment I can stay up and paddle around without too much worry of falling. When you fall it is a little hard for big fellows like my son and I to get back on the board because of our bellies and the fact the board is 6" thick and sits very high on the water, but we manage (I do hope no one is filming us when we do this, however). We use the boards on a lake nearby, and hope to use them in Lake Michigan (Indiana dunes) if the weather would permit. All in all, I think these are a great purchase and lots of fun and exercise (repeat: a lot of exercise!).

Great Choice for iSup in similar price range June 17, 2013

I'm rating this 5 stars because it is exactly what I was looking for and it's described and packaged well. This is my first Sup. I tried it out in Maui and decided I must get one. The wife doesn't think I'll get out as much as I think, so the price range is great for a dad trying to get on the water. I'm 200 lbs and the board handled my weight in choppy conditions (I was so pumped when it came I took it right out). I thought it performed really well, can't wait to get it out on some glass. I think the carrying bag, pump and paddle look way better in person than the item pics. I can't imagine any other iSup package in the same price range (+/- $200) being any better/different...

Great Buy July 19, 2013

Purchased the paddle board for my family, who are enjoying it. Live on a small lake and it is just perfect for grandkids who range in age of 12 to 26 and all sizes from 100 lbs to 240 lbs. Well worth the money.

Great Board! July 9, 2013

very easy to pump. A good board for everyone in the family. very stable and easy to maneuver. lot's of enjoyment for the family.

Get this board, it's more bang for your your $ than any of the others out there! April 2, 2014

First off, I spent months looking into inflatable paddleboards, read every review, watched video reviews of every board available on you tube, and in the end choose this one. I mostly will be on lakes and rivers in michigan, as well as the Great Lakes. I will also try lake surfing this summer with it. For stability I knew 6 inch thickness was going to be better for me, and the ability to pump to 15psi max instead of just the 10 psi as rated on other boards was a big thing too. To me the max psi rating is a testament to the quality of the boards construction, as well as an indication to how stiff you will be able to get the board inflated. Also, i want to note I was at first concerned that how could this board possibly have all 5 star ratings, they must be fake right...or at least some of them...but now that I have mine I get it, it's for real...this board is awesome.

I'm a tough critic too, I normally would only give 4 stars, because when they say shipping takes 1-3 weeks, they mean 3 weeks which I don't really understand why anything would take that long to prep for shipping when actual transit time is only a few days in the hands of UPS. But, because it's so great, I'm overlooking that, and giving the full 5stars too, it's just that great a board.

Anyway the excitement of its arrival was much due to the long wait... I immediately unpacked it-came very well packaged! I Pumped it up with the included pump, took me exactly 10 minutes to get to 12psi, and as others have said getting from about 7psi on up is hard work. The boards valve reads max psi 15, though at 12psi this thing is rock hard to stand on with no give/flex. To get to 12, I just put my weight into it, and though pumping that way was rough on my back, it didn't take too long..half the 10minutes total it took me to pump from 7-12psi. The pump and gauge worked Great for me, and if you had other inflatables I don't see why you couldn't get up to 20+ psi with this pump. The paddle is a little heavy for my liking and I may get a new one, but otherwise it is a decent "free" paddle.

Again, back to the board, I left if inflated 24 hours, and I'd didn't loose any air! This thing is pretty awesome. I deflated and rolled it up, this was a chore! Rolling it up to fit in the duffle backpack took me 20 min on my own the first time, the thing folds better than it rolls, and I used a sleeping bag strap to secure it while I tried stuffing it in the bag..this helped a lot! Getting the air out was not an issue though, that part was easier than with inflatable mattresses.

The bag, despite being the ugliest color ever, is actually pretty heavy duty. There is a zipper pouch on front, and a paddle pouch on the side, I got everything in it no problem, and all packed up it weighs 34 lbs (board/pump/paddle/bag). 34 lbs doesn't sound heavy, but damn....I'm 30yr old female and it's heavy for me (granted I don't work out). I can get it to and from the car but I will not be hiking to a secluded lake or beach with this unless i can get some others to assist. If you plan on hiking with this any decent distance you should probably start lifting weights and strengthen your core and back muscles. Also the backpack straps are not in any way padded, so it's pretty uncomfortable.

The foam top on the board is nice, better than I expected as I have been on some cheap rental boards and for the price thought it would be like those, but it's way better-thick and grippy. I didn't bother reading instructions for inflation/deflation, it's pretty obvious what to do and I didn't have any problems. The board itself is nice and wide. The handle seems sturdy to me, and able to support the weight of the raft, as with all things expensive though, I will be babying this and taking good care of it. The center fin is hard, a more flexible fin would be nice for lake and river but I will make due. The smaller fins are flexible, but not big enough to catch on rocks or branches anyway.

I'm very happy with this paddleboard, and will highly recommend to anyone! I see they also make kayaks and other inflatables and am thinking about getting one of those for my mother too...that's how impressed with this board I am.

Lastly, the included patch kit is nice to have, and they threw in a soda can coozie free, and I'm a sucker for free will be getting used while out on the board! Thanks! Side note-for a few dollars you can buy suction cups (the cruiser license plate ones are perfect) on amazon and use the glue in the patch kit to glue them on, get some shock cord, thread throughout the eye on the suction cups, and you can make yourself a cargo storage system. This particular board only has the 2 rings, of course it was less expensive that way, but this solves my gear securing issues for much less $$ than the board that comes with the shock cord lashing built in.


Reviews for the Wahoo 8' Touring Model

Super stable board and tracks straight! May 12, 2013

Got this board for my 12 year old son and he (and I) LOVE it. It is very easy to inflate with the provided pump and my son inflated it himself in just a few minutes. It tracks though the water very effortlessly and very straight. The quality is second-to-none and the company is very helpful with the purchase. My son caught a 20" redfish the very same evening we got the board (after only two hours on the water) and two lady-fish the next but a nice snook did get away. When used for fishing, circle hooks are to be used to prevent accidents.

Great product and great seller!

Thanks Amazon and Wahoo!


Customer Service Feedback

10/3/14 (5)

When I got my stand up paddle board from Wakooda, part of the paddle that I received was the wrong part. I called the customer service number found on Amazon and it was answered by a real person! I told him the problem and he apologized sincerely, talked with me to make sure and figure out the piece I would need, and promised to ship it out ASAP! I got it a few days later! Great service!!!

9/27/14 (4)

Love, love my paddleboard! The only snag was that I had to be home to sign for the box from FedEx - would be helpful to send an email with that information (and you may have, I probably missed it!).

9/15/14 (5)

The paddle board is great - it's easy to pump up,deflate,store,and I can't tell the difference between a normal paddle board and this inflatable one and I used it in the ocean!AWESOME price for an AWESOME board and an AWESOME company!

9/7/14 (5)

Item arrived earlier than promised which gave us a long week end to enjoy the product early. Quality of product is great. One pump was defective, but seller promised to replace promptly.

8/15/14 (5)

This is the second SUP we bought from Wahoo. We had excellent customer service both times with the orders arriving on the first day of the estimated delivery date range. We use our SUPs at a lake and they are so much fun and ride well. Even our two dogs enjoyed riding them across the lake! One SUP is fun for a family and two SUPs are a thousand times more fun!

8/1/14 (5)

I was thrilled to find this inflatable board! I've wanted a SUP for a long time but didn't have a way to transport a large board. We used it this past week at a lake. Easy to inflate, stayed inflated over 4 days, stable on the water, easily deflated and folded into its backpack with our inflatable kayak. 2 boys and 2 dogs spent a lot of time on our new SUP. We ordered a 2nd one for our next trip!

6/3/14 (5)

Paddle board is awesome it is better than I expected I will be spending tins of time this summer on the I love that it fits in my tiny car :)